DISCOVERY The discovery stage informs the creative process and provides the foundation that will guide the project from start to finish. This phase involves me talking with you, listening to what your goals are, answering your questions, and collecting information about your business and brand so that I can understand your story and make sure we’re on the same page. Together, we will strategize + gather inspiration, which in turn, will reveal how to develop and communicate your message truthfully. You’ll create a secret Pinterest board with these favorite images, logos, colors, sites, and designs to give me an idea of your style. 

REFINEMENT Taking the information and inspiration we’ve gathered, I will spend time developing solid design concepts for your project. Once the initial designs have been presented, we will work back and forth to help finalize everything and make sure that each part is in line with your vision. After pursuing each direction thoroughly, the strongest logo concepts are selected to be refined. Concepts are fleshed out further through three rounds of review and revisions—taking into consideration elements like typeface, colors, and symbolism. All of these elements taken as a whole will form your brand identity—the visual representation of all the meanings, perceptions, and values associated with your brand. A successful brand identity effectively communicates your story.

EXECUTION In this final phase, the logo concept that best communicates your story will be selected and finalized to support your brand. Brandingit’s a loaded word. Some say it begins and ends with your logo. But I think that’s a little short-sighted. Your brand is your voice, your social media presence, your photography, your business card, your Facebook profile, your favicon. It’s even an email to a reader. In short, it’s anything you touch. This means that I will take your brand and implement it into various formats to cover your additional needs. Whether it’s a website or other marketing materials, I will consistently build out your brand. Upon completion of phase three, your logo will now be a con­sistent, recognizable visual identity to help establish a strong brand story—and an even stronger customer bond.


Branding + Logo Design, Print, Consultations & Art Direction