Hello, it's great to meet you! My name is Pascale. I'm a design-obsessed, serial entrepreneur, dedicated to creating outstanding branding and graphic solutions to real-world business problems. So why the name Muse? Well, while I'm not a Greek goddess (in my dreams perhaps), the muses were the personification of knowledge and inspiration for the arts. And while I hail from the Boston area and my parents are Swiss, I find myself inspired by the talented people around me and hungry for knowledge, forging my own creative journey, trusting I'm on the right path. 

I understand that budgets are tight and competition is high, that's why I offer solutions in all price points. Regardless of where you are in the lifetime of your venture, I'll work with you to create human-centered communication strategies and impactful designs. The outcome is not beholden to technology, trends, products or services. The outcome is true, honest, timeless value. I help my clients stand out against a sea of amateur designs, so you can attract the right clients and be proud of the businesses you’ve built. I’ve found that working for creative professionals is the most exciting and rewarding experience I’ve had. I understand what drives you, because it’s what drives me, too. There is no “faking” it when you are selling what you make and with that comes a genuine story.  I believe you shouldn’t have to settle for vanilla brand design, just because you're brave enough to go out on your own and budgets are tight.

I'm passionate about YOU finding the meaning in your work and spreading that meaning with thoughtful, effective and creative communications. It would be my pleasure to help you create that connection between the value you provide and the people who it empowers and inspires.  

When I'm not designing, I'm either screen printing, doing yoga or thinking about food. I've been lucky enough to be featured in British GQ Magazine, Frankie Magazine, DIY Magazine, Country Living Magazine (online) and some lovely blogs. Design makes my heart go pitter patter....let's get started!